Our Pledge


As part of our landmark 20th anniversary celebrations, we pledged to give something back to the communities in which we operate. We have set out to spend £15 million on the design and construction of modular homes for homeless people

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Our pledge, known as Foundation 200, will provide 200 modular homes for homeless people over the next five years.  This pledge will be delivered through the Hill Group Foundation. The £15m foundation will deliver the homes on small plots of land such as former garage sites across our area of operation.

All 200 bespoke designed homes will be completed and inhabited within five years, with the first occupations anticipated in 2020. The properties will have a minimum 60 year life expectancy and will be built to an exceptional standard utilising offsite Modern Methods of Construction. The homes will be arranged in small groups, with no more than eight on one site and no higher than two storeys.

We will be working with Local Authorities and Housing Associations to source land and secure planning for each of the small sites. Each site will also have a local homeless charity partner, who will be gifted the completed homes and manage the re-homing process. The properties will be handed over to the partner charity fully furnished and include everything from furniture, white goods, soft furnishings, bedding and even plates and cutlery.

Get Involved

If would you like more information on the Foundation 200 scheme or want to know how you can get involved please email: foundation200@hill.co.uk