Chalgrove, Oxfordshire

We successfully promoted land off Marley Lane in Chalgrove through both the South Oxfordshire Local Plan and the Chalgrove Neighbourhood Plan with the site now having been sold on behalf of the landowner on the open market with Hill acting a promotion partner.

Optimising Development Capacity

Through a detailed assessment of the sites constraints, in particular with flooding an acute issue in the village, we funded and managed a review of the Environment Agency (EA) flood data in the area, which formed an integral part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

By challenging the EA data, our strategic land team were able to successfully increase the site’s capacity for development from that originally considered by the Neighbourhood Plan.


Stakeholder consultation

We carried out extensive consultation with key stakeholders including the local authority, Chalgrove Parish Council, Chalgrove Scouts, the local allotment association and the surrounding community, and received support for a development of up to 200 new homes, a country park and a scout hut.  This engagement realised earlier value for the landowner than expected under the development plan process.