Community Engagement

Community engagement

We believe regeneration should first and foremost deliver on the needs of the existing residents whose lives, homes and community we are transforming.

Our approach is to retain the integrity of the community every step of the way and, overall, for residents to feel it’s still their home when work is done.  

We engage with residents by hosting consultations from the early stages of planning, so that we can learn what’s at the heart of the community and truly understand what they need and we are able to support from the outset. We like to give back early, be that in the form of a new green space or a community centre for residents to enjoy while construction takes place.

At Hill, we take a valued approach to transforming communities. It is important to us that we prioritise long-lasting results over short-term gain. We deliver developments that will stand the test of time and are futureproofed across all aspects. Throughout this process, we ensure residents feel a social belonging to the community by offering employment and skills training where we can, always monitoring people’s safety and sense of security. We want to allow families to flourish during periods of construction, not to have to wait until it is complete to start living again. 

Sustainability is a key consideration in the planning of our regeneration projects. Not only do we deliver new homes, but we improve air quality and plan housing that will suit multigenerational cultures. We deliver regeneration projects that adhere to the One Planet Living framework to create sustainable homes, sustainable places and overall happy and healthy places for people to live.  

Our extensive experience in both estate and urban regeneration has equipped us with the core skills and empathy to support communities by improving the environments in which they live. From transforming old industrial brownfield sites to redeveloping town centres, we are trusted and competent to deliver large-scale regeneration projects that benefit local economies and enhance the quality of lives.

Residents have always been at the heart of the decision-making process at New Union Wharf, including being involved in the selection of Hill as the partner to redevelop the estate. With regular consultation and the appointment of a dedicated onsite liaison officer, our team has gained the trust and respect of the local community during our eight years onsite. We are very proud to have been involved with the development of New Union Wharf from the very beginning starting onsite in 2013 and on track to complete in early 2022.